Wokingham clamping down on benefit fraud


On November 21 at Slough Magistrates Court, Edward Horne (40), a student formerly living on Blagrove Drive, Wokingham but now living on Overhill Road, Bristol, pleaded guilty to a single charge of benefit fraud.

In a case dating back to 2006, when Horne lived in the borough, he admitted in court to receiving £986.91 of housing benefit that he wasn’t entitled to. Horne had failed to inform Wokingham Borough Council that in January 2006 his circumstances had changed and subsequently failed to attend interviews to explain his actions, also refusing to pay a penalty as an alternative to court action.

After failing to appear at court in February 2007 a warrant was issued for Horne’s arrest. He later appeared in court and was given bail in August 2007, but again didn’t turn up at court and a new warrant was issued for his arrest. However, six years later Horne was finally arrested at his home in Bristol and brought back to face the charge.

Horne was sentenced by Magistrates to pay a fine of £110, reduced to £65 due to his time in custody, and was also ordered to pay the borough council £300 towards the cost of bringing the case to court.

December 17, 2013 |

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