Parkour facility opens in Sol Joel Park Wokingham on June 8


Sol Joel Park in Earley is getting the first dedicated Parkour facility in Wokingham Borough, with the official opening planned for 2pm on on Friday June 8 .

Wokingham Borough Mayor Cllr Bob Wyatt and Earley Town Mayor Cllr Pauline Jorgensen will be officially opening the facility with the help of Parkour experts who will also be demonstrating the discipline.

The facility has been made available to local residents thanks to the combined efforts of Earley Town Council and Wokingham Borough Council and an investment of £85,000 through Section 106 funding specifically for the use of children’s play areas.

Parkour, also known as free-running, is increasingly popular in the UK and is a physical discipline which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles. The main purpose of the discipline is for participants to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping.

This new facility in Earley aims to mimic an urban landscape and will contain dozens of objects commonly found in a real city environment that Parkour or free-running practitioners can use to practice the sport within a safe and dedicated environment.

June 8, 2012 |

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