Wokingham Borough Council Announce KCA Horizon Substance Misuse Service


Wokingham Borough Council announce that KCA has been awarded the contract for the provision of all substance misuse services for adults and young people in the Wokingham Borough. The new service, KCA Horizon Wokingham, replaces the provision operated by a number of different agencies and provides one contact point to enable rapid access to a local treatment service.

KCA is a leading provider of community-based drug and alcohol services in the South East. It has been providing services in the community for the last 35 years and over this time has built up considerable competence and expertise.

The Wokingham Borough has one of the lowest drug and alcohol abuse problems in the South East but it is important that services are in place for those residents who have problems with drugs or alcohol.

The new service will offer Wokingham Borough residents the best possible chance to choose recovery and become drug free. The KCA Horizon programme offers support to people wanting to make changes in their lives in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment. KCA Horizon staff can also offer advice, support and signposting for residents who are worried about someone close to them. The service is available for adults and young people.

The adult services provide people with the skills and tools needed to get back into the community, back into work and continue to stay free from drugs and alcohol. KCA Horizon identifies clients’ expectations, helps them to set realistic goals and supports them to reach and maintain these goals through a full timetable of psycho social groups, 1:1 support and collaboration with counselling services.

The young people’s service is for those aged between ten and 17 years who wish to access advice, information and support regarding their drug or alcohol use. The service focuses on early intervention, offering a targeted approach through a focus on reducing risk-taking behaviour and responding to local needs, whilst working with the whole support structure for children and young people.

The KCA Horizon programme focuses on building and strengthening life, work and coping skills as well as offering advice and access to training and education. Service users will be actively encouraged to become involved in developing activities which reflect their skills, interests and motivations.

Stuart Rowbotham, strategic director of commissioning, said: “This is a very welcome service for Wokingham Borough residents. The KCA Horizon Wokingham programme is ambitious for its clients to enable them to transform their lives and successfully reintegrate into and contribute towards the community.”

KCA Horizon Wokingham service is based at 38 Station Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 2AE. Anyone concerned about their use of drugs or alcohol, or someone else’s use, or would like more information about the services provided by KCA, should call (0118) 977 2022.

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