Wokingham Borough Council canvassers to call on residents


Wokingham Borough Council canvassers will call at properties in the Wokingham Borough who have not responded to their Annual Canvass Form which was sent at the end of June, fFrom Wednesday (September 12) until Thursday October 4, 2012.

All canvassers will carry photo ID with them proving they are working for Wokingham Borough Council.

As well as entitling you to vote, it can affect your credit rating; people not on the register may experience difficulty opening a bank or savings account, a mobile phone contract or getting other credit such as a mortgage. If you are having problems understanding the form, our canvassers are trained to help you to complete it.

Anyone requiring further information should contact the borough council’s electoral services on (0118) 974 6522/23.

September 12, 2012 |

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