Wokingham Borough Council Expand Payment Methods


Wokingham Borough Council has expanded payment methods to the council, following the introduction (on December 24) of new payment initiatives.

For council tax, business rates and rents, the simplest method of payment is Direct Debit and people can now sign up over the phone without the need to fill in any documentation. Not only is this more convenient for the public, but it also allows the first direct debit payment to be collected up to two months earlier than if the traditional paper application form was used.

For regular instalment payments such as council tax, housing rents, corporate sundry debtors and benefit overpayments, the council has introduced key fobs and barcodes. This means payments can be made in any Post Office or Payzone payment point in the country. There are 28 Payzone’s in and around the Wokingham Borough where residents will be able to make payments by cash or debit card at no additional cost to them. Details of the locations are listed on the council’s website at: www.wokingham.gov.uk/counciltax/ctax/payment.

For people able to use self-service options, the council provides payments via its website (which can be accessed at all the borough’s libraries free of charge), an automated telephone payment line, a self-service kiosk in the Shute End offices, or information kiosks in Woodley Library, Lower Earley Library and the Shute End civic offices.

Residents who need a little more support should contact Wokingham Direct – the council’s customer service centre – where staff now have the facility to take payments for most services over the telephone.

December 27, 2012 |

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