Wokingham Borough Council to consider changes to the waste and recycling scheme


Wokingham Borough Council are to consider changes to the waste and recycling scheme on November 29.
Members will consider recommendations to approve a design change to the blue bags to make them easier for people to fit into dustbins; lengthening handles to 250mm, increasing height to 1100mm and their top opening diameter to 750mm as well as improving the durability of the bags. The council will also be improving quality assurance around bag production by introducing third party testing.

Executive members will also discuss whether a new voucher system should be introduced for residents who don’t receive by April 1 their 80 bags for 2013. The voucher would be exchanged for bags at the borough’s libraries, town council offices and borough council offices at Shute End. The council is currently looking for further outlets for the green waste brown sacks and collection of additional bags to make it more convenient for residents.

Changes are also being proposed to customer service arrangements. Residents would only call the council’s contractor Veolia for bulky waste collections. Wokingham Direct would become the single point of contact for all other aspects of the scheme including payments for waste services either online, over the telephone or directly in person. Shute End’s reception would be set up to deal with greater demand if needed.

A new home compost incentive scheme is also being considered, with up to 2,000 home composters available with a £10 discount.

If members agree, the recommendations would apply from April 1, 2013. Arrangements for customer services would be put in place before this date to make it easier for people to renew their green waste bin subscriptions for 2013/14.

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