Wokingham Drive Start event


Teenagers in the Wokingham Borough will be drive starting their way to becoming a safe new driver at a FREE pre-driver training event on Thursday April 17.

Wokingham Borough Council’s pre-driver training sessions have been running for the past eight years in the Wokingham Borough and have given over 1,000 young people the skills and information necessary for a safe and enjoyable motoring life. Drive Start pre-driver training has interactive sessions for youngsters as well as up-to-date, essential car related information on the Drive Start website, designed for young motorists.

Taking place at Woodley Airfield Youth Centre, Hurricane Way, the course runs between 9.15am and 4pm and covers a range of topics including:

Advice on buying a second-hand car
Post-accident first aid
Cause and effect of traffic accidents
Advice on legal requirements
Hazards facing new drivers

Although mainly for 16 and 17-year-olds, anyone aged between 15 and 19 can attend the workshop by booking a free place (refundable £10 deposit will be required).

The road safety team is also providing copies of essential guides for new drivers with other related freebies to take away from the event. An application form can be downloaded from the Drive Start page or by contacting Julie Pillai, road safety officer, on (0118) 974 6387.

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