Wokingham drivers caught not wearing seatbelts


17 Wokingham drivers were caught not wearing a seatbelt by Wokingham Borough Council’s road safety team supported Tispol’s Europe-wide seatbelt enforcement campaign, during a split four hour operation, along with seven mobile phone offences. Fixed penalty notices were handed out by road safety constable Dawn Seston and a team of neighbourhood officers. The fines for both these offences have recently been increased to £100.

Wokingham Borough Council’s road safety officer Julie Pillai said: “Wearing seatbelts saves lives and people who don’t wear them risk death or serious injury, not just for themselves but for other passengers in the vehicle. In a collision at 30mph, if you are unrestrained, your body will hit anything in front of you with a force equivalent to 30 to 60 times your own body weight.”

Inspector Greg Elphick, from Thames Valley Police, said: “These tickets included two of the fourth highest risk factors for road deaths – using phone while driving and not wearing a seat belt. The others are excess speed and drink driving.”

September 17, 2013 |

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