Wokingham Police Warn Of Gold Thefts From Asian Family Homes


Police have issued a warning after an increase in gold burglaries targeting Asian family homes for gold in Berkshire.

Ch Insp Christian Bunt, area commander of Wokingham, said police were increasing patrols in the area and had delivered 1,000 crime prevention advice leaflets. He advised the community to be “extremely vigilant” and that investigations were ongoing.

Shakeel Khan, 41, from Earley, Reading, has set up a community watch group so far 40 members have signed up.

Mr Khan told the BBC that there was fear within the Asian community.

“I know a number of households where women are absolutely petrified,” he said.

“They’re not leaving their homes in fear of being burgled.

“There’s mothers who don’t want to go and pick up their children. They’re asking the dads to come from work and pick them up.

December 3, 2011 |

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