Wokingham Students Celebrate GCSE Results


Wokingham Borough students have achieved their best ever results in their GCSE examinations which were published on August 25.

Provisional results show the percentage of pupils gaining five A* to C grades in the Wokingham Borough has gone up to 82.9 per cent – a 5.2 per cent rate of improvement from the 2010 result of 77.7 per cent and 7per cent higher than the national results for 2010 of 75.9 per cent. The percentage of pupils in the Wokingham Borough gaining five A* to C including maths and English also increased by 3 per cent to 68.1 per cent, placing Wokingham Borough 9.6 per cent above the national results for 2010 for this measure (58.5 per cent). Nearly all the borough’s pupils got at least one GCSE pass atjust over 96 per cent.

August 31, 2011 |

One thought on “Wokingham Students Celebrate GCSE Results

  1. Former Bracknell Student says:

    Seems they get easier every year!

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